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Download Netbattle Supremacy

Latest public release of Netbattle: Supremacy:

1.1.1 - Full Install - Netbattle 1.1.1 Installer.

1.1.1 - Update From 1.1.0 - Compact Updater - Use this only if upgrading from 1.1.0.

Netbattle: Supremacy contains an AutoUpdate function, which means it will automatically download the latest version if one is available. However if you are having problems with it, download the latest version above.

Optional Downloads
Collosseum Graphics - If you want to use the Pokemon Collosseum graphics, download this and place it in your Netbattle directory.

AppLocale - To use Netbattle on a Japanese/Korean/other non-english letter-supported Windows system, you will need to use this. Install it, then run the program and launch NetBattle from it.

Scripting FAQ - For server owners, read this FAQ to learn how to write NetBattle scripts.
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