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Pokemon Netbattle: Supremacy

1.1.1 - Download here

March 24, 2010 By Glaceon

Version 1.1.1 is out. This version addresses a bunch of bugs that were present from earlier version. Slowly but surely, we're eliminating all the bugs. Enjoy it!

UPDATE: The formerly broken download link for the full installer has been fixed.

1.1.0 - Platinum, HGSS and More

February 13, 2010 By Bayleef

Netbattle Supremacy's 1 year anniversary is coming up soon, and to celebrate, we're releasing the latest edition of Netbattle, 1.1.0.
This is the biggest update so far, bringing you Platinum/HGSS mechanics, new sprites, and much more. Formely, Anti-Virus programs falsely detected the file virtual.drv as a virus, when in fact it was merely a SID Checking DLL. This has been eliminated by the creation of a different SID Check method. Another addition is the innovative Battle Stadium system, created due to reports that the stat tracking system wasn't accurate enough as it pooled all battle results from all generations together. The formula for counting Supreme Points has been improved to along with it. As a result, a script function has changed.

^^^When using #GetPlayerInfo(#Source,STAT), you must now also include which Stadium's Supreme Points you want to retrieve.

There is a new event, -StadiumJoin, that serves as the main limiter of what kind of teams can be used in each Stadium. Use /StopEvent here to stop ineligible teams (Ubers, OHKO Moves, or whatever you want to disallow) from joining the Stadium. Each Stadium's rules can be set using the new Stadiums tab in Server Options. #Source is the player trying to join and $Message is the Stadium they are trying to join, in String format.
In addition, there are two new functions, #GetUsage, which allows you to get the usage of a certain pokemon in a Stadium. #HasUbers was created to relieve servers of long scripts to check for Ubers in -StadiumJoin by allowing them to use a simple function instead.

#GetUsage(#Pokemon, #Stadium)
^^^Get usage of a pokemon in a Battle Stadium. For non-stadium usage, use 0 for the Stadium value.

^^^Checks if the player has ubers on their team. Returns 1 if there are Ubers and 0 if there are no ubers.

So, for example,
Event -StadiumJoin
If $Message = "2"
 If #HasUbers(#Source) = 1
  /SendPM #Source, "You cannot join this Stadium with Ubers!"
would deny entrance to Stadium 2 to a player with Ubers.
More info about the new Stadiums system coming soon!


August 12, 2009 By Bayleef

This update fixes some bugs and security flaws that became apparent over the last few days. Also, Mew has been moved into Uber and Cresselia has been made OU, from the results of the tournament we held.


August 3, 2009 By Bayleef

Thanks to the forums, our bug fixing process has been greatly sped up, resulting in this update. Also, we have listened to your suggestions and some are included in this update, some are being worked on to be included in 1.0.6, and some will never be included at all due to lack of relevance. I'll be posting the full upgrades list later on, however for now, you can see it in-game.
By the way, the new script functions:

^^^Export Supreme Rankings.

^^^Export Usage Rankings.

/STFile @Val, $FileName
^^^Save a value to a text file. $FileName must have the extension. For example, "JohnSmith.txt" would be a valid $FileName entry. Saves to /Script Files.

^^^Returns the string in the first line of $FileName (in the /Script Files directory).

1.0.5 is here!

       July 24, 2009 By Bayleef 

Never fear, the NBS Staff are back once again to provide the latest update, 1.0.5. This one was a long time coming for several reasons. For one, I was busy with university applications and final exams. Also, DJ Fury has had no internet access, while Glaceon has very little time on his hands due to work. Also for all of those who have e-mailed me recently and not gotten a response: sorry, I've had huge amounts of e-mails and very little time to handle them, but unless it's an issue that's been dealt with (like a bug that's fixed in this update), you can expect a response fairly soon.

This update is the largest yet, introducing a built-in Tournament system, Ranking Ladder, and some other useful features, along with a plethora of bugfixes. Remember, if you have any bug reports, send them in to me by e-mail or, better yet, post them in the Bug Reports section on our brand new forums, which are now open! Our website has been temporarily moved due to hosting issues, however once that is cleared up, we will be back at our old host and our custom IceBB forums will open. Until then, please bear with us and excuse the lack of Downloadable-Through-NBS updates.

The next major focus of the staff team will be to introduce Platinum moves, sprites and alternate forms, along with getting the 4 not-fully-programmed moves working properly. I know some people were worried by my extended absense, but don't worry, I don't plan to abandon this project any time in the near future, at least without making sure it's up-to-par with the latest Pokemon games on the market. Bear with us as the next couple of months may be slow, but rest assured: Platinum is on its way.

The biggest updates in 1.0.5 are:

-Ladder System using Supreme Points.
-Built-in Tournament System with Leaving, Disqualifying, and Subbing functions.
-Turn Order glitch fixed. All but the 4 unprogrammed moves now work properly again. Also, the free turn glitch is no longer present.
-Pokemon Usage stats added. Server now tracks which Pokemon are used most often (not including CC Battles).
-Players may now give a custom reason when kicking another player.
-Encore now works even if the Encore user is faster than its opponent.
-Raising the number of Max Users in the server no longer produces a Runtime Error.
-Script Syntax Fixed. Integer Division has been removed because it was causing problems.
-When using Acupressure in Doubles, you can now select to boost your teammate's stats, not just your own. 

 For a more detailed look at how to use the Competitive Ladder and Pokemon Statistics features, take a look at the What's New section of the website. Also, when updating, if you are updating from a version before 1.0.42, please download and run the full installer as it contains database changes. If you are just updating from 1.0.42, run the quick install. You can find both on our download page.

Happy Battling,

Update March 4, 2009 By Bayleef
UPDATE: To everyone who downloaded the 1.0.42 between its release and 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, a huge bug has been identified and fixed. Please download the new version here.
Sorry to everyone for taking a leave that was perhaps too long. My computer had some crazy hardware problems that disabled me from using it for the last two weeks. Everything is looking fine now, however. The registry is back on a stable host as the temporary host who's been hosting for the last two weeks can't host 24/7. I've noticed that total downloads of Supremacy have passed 10,000! Definitely more interest than I had anticipated. Also, Netbattle: Supremacy Version 1.0.42 has been released. Fixes include:

-Database fix-ups (Kricketot, Chatter, Seed Flare, Starly's back sprite, among others)
-Glitch fixes and general improvements to the Voice Chat protocol.
-Integer Division (\) now possible in Server Scripts, to facilitate use of Supreme Points.
-D/P Battle mechanics: All moves are now used before a new Pokemon is sent out, including Double Battles.
-Evasion Clause added as a Battle Rule.
-Surf now hits all other Pokemon in D/P Double Battles.
-Intimidate is Traced properly.
-Ditto's Quick Powder and Metal Powder loses its effect upon transformation.
-Item Clause/Uber notification fixed.
-Lunar Dance now heals your PP, in addition to your health and status.
-Using the Configuration Wizard no longer screws up your password. Also, canceling the Wizard now actually works.
-If a Pokemon KOs its foe using U-turn, the U-turner must select a Pokemon first. The other player will be able to see this before making their choice.
-Will-O-Wisp now activates Flash Fire on all Pokemon in D/P.
-Away/Access Team Builder while battling glitch fixed.
-Poison-type Levitators/Flying-types no longer get rid of Toxic Spikes.
-Hiding/showing your team through server commands no longer resets every time you switch teams.
-Acupressure can now sharply raise Accuracy and Evasion.
-Use of Captivate is blocked by the trait Oblivious.
-Roost only removes the user's Flying-type for the rest of the turn.
-Power Trick and Gastro Acid are Baton Passed properly.

A note on integer division: it doesn't follow BEDMAS rules (Integer Division will be done after everything else, including Addition and Subtraction.) To do it before, simply use brackets.
In other news, the Forums should be up within the next couple of days. Enjoy!

Pokemon Netbattle Supremacy is an expansion to the popular online Pokemon simulator, Pokemon Netbattle. Supremacy adds many features including the new Pokemon, attacks and traits from the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon games, as well as brand new features such as voice chat and security/bug fixes.

Current Version: 1.0.42 - Released March 4th, 2009   Download Now!!

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